♡Shopping Day in Philadelphia♡

Yesterday I spent a day in ” the City of Brotherly Love” aka Philly! My brother and dad had gotten tickets to the 76ers basketball game at Christmas, so my mom & I decided to tag along on their trip to Philly to shop, take pics📷, and obviously blog! I thought it would be fun to take you guys through my day trip in the city filled with lots of food & lots of photo opportunities, so keep reading if you wanna see a day in my life: Philadelphia edition.


Song: treasure this life! by- Dantes

We arrived in Philly around 12:30, and went straight to a parking garage. We wanted to get a spot since a lot of the garages were full due to the 76ers game, but we eventually parked and headed on our way! Our first stop had to be food because we were all starving, so we headed to an Italian restaurant on 13th street called Zavino to meet up with my aunt. On our walk there I saw so many pretty murals on the walls. I don’t know how people do it because I am so horrible @ art and could never make a wall look that cool. Anyway, at Zavino I had an amazing margherita pizza it tasted supa fresh & flavorful! After we ate it was time to split up! My dad, aunt, and brother all headed to the subway to go to their basketball game, and my mom and I started shopping…

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We started off @ little boutiques that my aunt recommended to us. They had a ton of cute bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, etc. I only bought one thing though from a shop called Lou Lou.  They were cute little sunglasses that you will definitely see on my insta soon! After that we went to my fav Brandy Melville, and I did some damage in this store! My aunt had given me a gift card at the holidays and I was ready to use it.  Make sure to check out my Shop My Looks page to see some of the items I purchased! They have awesome accessories that are really cheap that accent all my outfits.  After Brandy I went to another one of my favs, Urban Outfitters,- trust me I know I’m basic but Brandy & Urban’s clothes are just toooo cute!- Urban was literally having the biggest end of winter season sale ever. Most of the store was on clearance and the clearance items even had an additional 50% off! Obviously I had to take advantage of the sale, so I got a sweatshirt & a sweater.

1547998747749Now that I had an outfit it was time to take some pics!! Earlier we had seen people standing taking photos in front of City Hall, on a side walk in between the streets. We knew this would be the perfect spot to get some photos. I changed @ Brandy Melville into one of the outfits I bought, so I was ready to go!  The only problem was is that it was freezing I couldn’t feel my fingers, and people kept looking at me with the face of ” man that girl must be cold”. It was all worth it though because I got a really good Instagram post out of it! ( :



After all our shopping & photo taking we were parched! Luckily for us there was a cute coffee shop across from Urban called Shakespeare & Co. It was adorable because it was a bookstore & a coffee shop all in one! Everything about the place screamed take pictures of meeeee, and not to mention it was the best coffee drink I’ve ever had. I got a iced almond milk latte with caramel, and it was amazing. My mom also got a chai tea latte, her usual which she 10/10 recommends. I took so many photos in here before leaving, which some of the other customers probably found weird but I really didn’t care!



Now that we were all caffeinated up it was time to get back to… you guessed it more pictures & shopping! We checked out Madewell & Doc Martens, but then we came across Rittenhouse Square. This might of been my favorite part of the day, it was just so so pretty with lights hanging from the trees, a plaza covered with lights in the middle, and all the huge buildings surrounding the square just made it a picture perfect night. I loved how the pictures turned out at this location even though it had gotten even colder then earlier.
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After Rittenhouse Square we headed over to Anthropologie since it was right beside the park! When I stepped inside though I found out that it was more of a palace than a store. Before Anthropologie was Anthropologie it was the house of the daughter of the man who Drexel University was named after. She made it look & feel like royalty lived there. I honestly felt like I was in another country. There were stained glass windows everywhere, sculptures in the walls, a spiral stair case, and you can’t forget a bunchhhhh of super cute clothing. Overall, I’ve never seen a store as cool as the Anthropologie in Philadelphia!


Lastly, to end off our day in the city we went back to 13th street area to eat at Barbuzzo, a little Italian place beside where we ate lunch earlier. I got the Butternut Squash Mezzaluna and my mom got the Pan Seared gnocchi. The portions were small, but tasted very good. After our pastas we shared the Salted Caramel Budino, this was soooo good! I recommend this restaurant if your in the Philly area, but the only bad thing was that the restaurant was super dark  so you could barely see the menu. I guess it creates a good night vibe for adults.  When our meal was over we met back up with my brother, aunt, and dad and headed home.

We had a great day overall in Philly shopping but unfortunately the 76ers lost by one basket:( , and I can’t wait to get back there again soon. I hope you guys enjoyed my blog post, and comment down below what your dream shopping day trip would be!

xoxo-Ashlyn Kate







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