Brandy♡Melville outfit ideas

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you would know I have a little bit of an obsession with Brandy Melville clothes. Everyday I am usually wearing at least one item from my Brandy collection! I thought It would be fun to share with you guys some of my outfit combos I’ve made with their clothes, so without further a do here is my Brandy Melville look book…

✰Outfit #1

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetMy first look is one of my favorites. I made this combo on a Sunday night with the mind set of having to wake up early to go to school the next day, so I knew I wanted to be comfortable. The first thing that came to mind was my super soft pink turtleneck from Brandy. Also, since it’s the winter I love layering clothes so I decided to put my H&M Metallica shirt over the turtleneck. For shoes, I put on my oxford style Doc Martens because I thought they would match the trendy style I was going for. Overall, in the look I had 4 items from Brandy- the pink turtleneck, heart shaped black belt, mom jeans, and a polka dot scrunchie-, and the outfit made me feel super stylish @ school.

✰Outfit #2

1548866953012This probably is one of my favorite outfit combos I have ever done. I saw a picture of a girl on Pinterest wearing yellow pants, checkered socks, and a graphic tee, and I really wanted to re-create the look! To accomplish this, I wore 3 different Brandy pieces- a green belt, checkered socks, and a Los Angeles graphic tee. Along with these pieces I wore thrifted yellow corduroys, Vans, and an oversized jean jacket that was my Dads in High School. This look I wore to a photo shoot with my friend Sarah, and I really loved how unique the combination looked.

✰Outfit #3

1548284776440Look number 3 I wore walking around the streets of Philadelphia- If you wanna see what I did on that trip, check out my last blog post ( ; – This is literally a FULL BRANDY FIT. In Philly I didn’t really like my outfit, so we stopped @ Brandy and I bought this. I got army green cargo pants & a cropped rainbow long sleeve. I also brought from my house my heart shaped locket and gold hoops. Other than Brandy, I was wearing one other brand which was my red converse. I was comfortable in this outfit, so I also wore it to school!

 ✰Outfit #4


I thought I would throw it back to one of my favorite summer looks! I wore this outfit @ the beach when we went out for dinner. I paired my striped Brandy Melville pants with a frilly shirt from PacSun. I literally love these pants so much because they are super comfortable, but also so chic. I loved how this outfit looked on the beach because I think it really matched well with the beachy vibes. Brandy also sells these pants in a bunch of different colors, just in case you are interested!


✰Outfit #5



You might have seen this picture before because I posted it on Instagram & it was in my photo shoot blog post with my friend Ruby. In this outfit I wore 3 of my favorite Brandy items, a yellow motor speedway graphic tee,  my B&W striped pants that are the same pants from outfit #4 but in a different color, and my silver star earrings. I thought these items paired really well together, and looked really cool in my photoshoot. Also, to go with it I wore my Doc Martens, a black body suit from American Eagle-since it was freezing-, and blue sun glasses I got @ the beach. Overall, I really thought this was a fun look to wear, and it looked good on my Insta feed!



These are my 5 Brandy Melville looks I have for you guys today! I really hope it gave you guys some outfit inspo if you love Brandy as much as I do. Just a little warning though, Brandy is one size fits all, so some of the pieces don’t fit everyone, including me. Like one time when I was gonna order a cheetah print shirt online, I decided to wait until I tried it on in a store, which allowed me to find out it was way to small! I just wanted to let you guy’s know that in case you were interested in ordering any of the items I have linked above! Overall, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and comment down below which of these was your favorite look.

(𝓕𝓾𝓷 𝓕𝓪𝓬𝓽: Brandy is actually a girl who was in love with a man named Melville, which led to the name Brandy♡Melville)

xoxo- Ashlyn Kate


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