★More about Ashlyn Kate xo★


Hi guys, I’m Ashlyn, a 18 year old girl from Pennsylvania who loves to write about everything she is doing in her life, whether its a trip to the Big Apple or a photoshoot session I surely will be writing about it. Other than blogging,  I am on my school Cheer team & am involved in lots of clubs! I also have two older brothers & two dogs that are a big part of my life. Well now that you know a little more about me, I’ll explain how I started my blog. I had just recently decided to give up dancing which had been a hobby of mine for 10+ years, so I was feeling a little bored. My brother had made a blog about his college baseball journey, so it inspired me to make a blog of my own – obviously not baseball related lol-. Since that day my blog has became what I’m known for, all my friends know when I’m taking pictures there is a likely chance they are for a blog post! I hope this gave y’all a little more perspective into my life, and if you wanna keep reading go check out my “Blog” page and let the good vibes begin…

                                                                                xoxo- Ashlyn Kate

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