★Popular Foods in the USA★

  Hey guys, today I’m doing a collab with Maisie Thompson Blogs. If you don’t follow her you wouldn’t know she is from England, which means she enjoys different restaurants & foods then where I live in the United States!  We thought it would be a cool idea to compare popular foods from England toContinue reading “★Popular Foods in the USA★”

My Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“It is simply the most famous store there is.  Every cab driver, every New Yorker, every visitor knows where to find Tiffany & Co. This is the marvelous place where dreams come true.”- Tiffany & Co. The iconic breakfast at Tiffany’s has been recreated for tourists worldwide to enjoy at the Tiffany & Co. flagshipContinue reading “My Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

#Sweet Sixteen in NYC

November 1st, 2018 ☆ 3:00 PM☆ Right now I’m on a train heading to one of my favorite places on earth… New York City! It is T minus 3 days until my birthday and I can’t wait. I decided for my Sweet 16th that I didn’t really wanna do a party, so I asked myContinue reading “#Sweet Sixteen in NYC”

Ways to spend your summer

Summer, three months worth of time to spend as you please. We all love this time of the year but sometimes it can get a little boring. I created a list of five things you and your friends can do in those times of boredom. Try New Things There is so many different things outContinue reading “Ways to spend your summer”