✭Glossier Review- round 2✭

If you are new to my blog you wouldn’t know that I’m obsessed with the makeup brand Glossier. Back in July I did a first impression post on the brand, and now I’m back again to do a round two of some of their other products! Balm Dotcom, Lash Slick, Lidstar, and the (clear) BoyContinue reading “✭Glossier Review- round 2✭”

Is Glossier really worth the hype?

Glossier   The brand that is taking over the makeup world by storm!  From Beyoncé wearing the cream eye shadow “Lidstar” at the 2018 Oscars, to teens wearing their products on the daily , Glossier’s popularity is growing day by day.  I’ve been wanting to test out their products for a while now, so IContinue reading “Is Glossier really worth the hype?”