Gettin into the Holiday Spirit

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” where families come together to spread holiday cheer, and the cookies keep piling up… “Come on all, it’s Christmas time” If you can’t already tell this is my favorite holiday, and I’ve been celebrating since November 1st ( Sorry Thanksgiving, luv ya too). To get into theContinue reading “Gettin into the Holiday Spirit”

December Playlist

Happy Holidays everyone! Now that it’s almost December, I thought I would share with you guys my playlist for the month. I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, or just might not be the biggest fans of Christmas music so I tried to mix it up a bit.  I put the Christmas songs in redContinue reading “December Playlist”

15 Year Olds Top 15 Songs

  Spotify Playlist 1. Sunflower- Rex Orange County “Tryna keep my mind at bay.  Sunflowers still grows at night.  Waiting for a minute till the sun’s seen through my eyes” 2. ELEMENT- Kendrick Lamar “New Kung Fu Kenny.  Ain’t nobody prayin’ for me.  Y’all know, what happens on Earth stays on Earth.  Here we go!”Continue reading “15 Year Olds Top 15 Songs”