Create a Youtube Channel with me!

Hey everybody, today is a special blog post because last week I hit my two year anniversary of having my blog! Having this space to share my passions & experiences has truly been amazing, and I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve received from the blogging community! With that being said I’ve decided toContinue reading “Create a Youtube Channel with me!”

Summer Bucket List~ Collab with Karen Wodstrup

Heyyyy everyone, welcome back to my blog. Todays post is super special because I’m collabing with someone who lives over 4,000 miles away… Karen Wodstrup! She has the cutest account & she lives all the way in Denmark which is so so cool! We decided that it would be interesting to make Summer Bucket lists,Continue reading “Summer Bucket List~ Collab with Karen Wodstrup”

Bucket List ✅ In My Bucket 🧢

During this past spring I made a blog post called “Summer Bucket List” and at the end of that post I said I would come back at the end of the summer with a recap of what I completed. Well I’m back and ready to fill you in! Unfortunately, the time has come, summer isContinue reading “Bucket List ✅ In My Bucket 🧢”

Makers of Good Summit♡

This week I was finally reunited with my favorite city, New York.  I was so excited to be back in the Big Apple, especially since the trip was going to be different than my usual NYC shopping & site seeing past adventures. This time I was in New York for a leadership summit called theContinue reading “Makers of Good Summit♡”

See ya School… Howdy Summer

Hey guys long time no see! Welcome back to my blog, if you are wondering where I’ve been you can ask my high school teachers because all I’ve been doing over the past month is work, work, and more work. Now that my finals are over & the SATs complete I can finally get backContinue reading “See ya School… Howdy Summer”

❀Summer Bucket List❀

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Right now, I am on spring break which means summer is right around the corner! Unfortunately, before I achieve my 3 months full of good vibes I first have to get past finals, standardized tests, and tons of studying, so I think I might need some motivation… andContinue reading “❀Summer Bucket List❀”